Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Science of Sacred Sexuality

Francesca Gentille, director of the Life Dance Center, interviews Suzie Heumann, founder and CEO of about the science of sacred sexuality.
(From the transcript) For instance if I understand that Oxytocin which is that, is the love chemical basically. There is a lot of new, news coming out on oxytocin. It’s produced when a women gives birth, when she orgasms, when she nurses and it’s produced at orgasm for men also. So women in particular have more opportunity to produce the love drug oxytocin, which is the bonding chemicals that cause the warm fuzzy feelings. What’s happening with oxytocin it is literally lowering our cortisol or our stress hormones in our body. So for instance that says to me; oh, well I do love making love, but I want to make love longer in these ways, with my eyes open, exchanging breath with being really present and present not only in my body but in my mind in a way. Knowing I am consciously driving more oxytocin in my body which has the feedback loop of giving me more love and pleasure. So, ya know I am using the knowledge of that to know of witness myself in pleasure. And that’s the feedback loop that I find fascinating. Listen now

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