Friday, April 4, 2008

Tantra and Miracles

A reader at Living Tantra asks this question: "I wonder why there is so much emphasis on miracle powers when describing tantra, when that isn’t the point. Even in books that purport to discuss the spiritual path, there can be this emphasis. I am thinking of Autobiography of a Yogi, for example. Yogananda says that miracle powers are not the point, and yet a good portion of the book describes various people and their miracle powers.?" Shambhavi answers:
Many people desire to have a “peak experience” that will soften their feelings of isolation. We search for these peak experiences in sex, food, drugs, religion and in our spiritual practice or from our Gurus.

The desire to be saved attracts a lot of people to lineages in which teachers give shaktipat as a regular practice. We can become spiritual experience junkies just as we can become sugar or heroin addicts. Read more

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