Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can Tantric Sex Be Short and Sweet?

Tantra is famous for extended lovemaking, but can Tantric sex be short and sweet? According to Susie Heumann, it can be.
Does the phrase 'timing is everything' sound familiar?

In the world of tantric sex, is there a time for the “quickie?" According to Susie Heumann, founder of Tantra.com, there is. You probably have experienced having a quickie sex date and maybe it was hot and exciting for you both, or maybe just great for him but not for you. Since we know that women often take longer to warm up sexually, can a woman truly enjoy a quick ‘romp in the hay’ and feel satisfied? Well, she can now with the Tantric Quickie.

The word "quickie" implies that there is also a longer version, and of course there is. Tantric lovemaking is generally a more relaxed and languorous affair, with deep fulfillment for both partners. You and your beloved sharing several hours with each other in sensual delight and spiritual communion. Read more

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