Sunday, May 25, 2008

Using Conscious Breathing to Explore Your Sexual Awareness

Conscious breathing is probably the oldest technique you can use to bring your attention to your body. Cory Silverberg describes a four-step process for using conscious breathing to explore your sexual awareness.
Breathing and sex have a lot in common. There are the obvious connections (we need to breathe to have sex and we can’t have sex if we aren’t breathing). And there are more subtle connections. For example, many people assume that both breathing and sex are activities that come naturally and that we shouldn’t have to ever think about. An assumption that’s not exactly accurate. While it’s true that for most of us breathing is involuntary and something we don’t have to learn, it’s equally true that if we never pay attention to our breathe we probably aren’t getting the most out of it. Of course the same can be said for our sexuality.

Breathing can be energizing or relaxing. Sex can also be energizing and relaxing. One of the great benefits of sex play is how it relaxes us afterwards, and much of that relaxation comes from the way we breathe when we're having sex.

Because our breath is fundamental to both our overall health and our awareness, it can be a powerful tool for sexual exploration. Read more

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