Thursday, April 18, 2019

My Tantric Sex Ebook Is Available!

In popular culture, Tantric sex is often associated with marathon sessions of lovemaking in a variety of different positions,. The reality is Tantra is so much more than that. Tantra is a gateway, not just to sexual ecstasy, but to personal healing and fulfillment.

I have been writing about Tantra and Tantric sex at Tantra: Gateway to Ecstasy since 2007. I have been asked numerous times by readers about whether I give sessions or classes about Tantric sex. I don't, but what I have done instead is write a book Tantric Sex: A Guide to Tantra Lovemaking Secrets and Practices. This year I decided to revise and expand the book to include additional material to order to share even more Tanra lovemaking secrets and practices....

Tantric Sex is considered the most evolved and most elevated form of lovemaking. Intense sexual experiences are one of our greatest sources of pleasure. If you have an open mind and are willing to learn more ways to enrich your love life or create a new one, then this is for you and your lover.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:
  • What Tantric sex is... and isn't
  • How to get started with Tantric sex
  • Simple Tantric exercises for better orgasms
  • Techniques to last longer in bed 
  • How to increase penis sensation during sex
  • The secrets of Tantric massage
  • Genital massages for both men and women
  • Tantric oral sex techniques
  • How to have a full-body orgasm
  • How to achieve male multiple orggasm
  • Jade egg exercises to tighten the vagina
  • The Nine Steps Taoist Thrusting Method
  • Sex positions that promote healing
  • Sex positions that enhance intimacy 
  • Sex positions for a small penis
  • Sex positions for large couples
  • The best positions to have a G-spot orgasm
  • Pompoir: the art of milking the lingam (penis) with the yoni (vagina)
  • Anal sex the Tantric way
  • How to perform the secret Maithuna Ritual
... and MUCH more!

The practice of Tantric sex shows us how to reclaim the sexual intimacy with our lovers that is our birthright. The principles behind Tantric practice can go a long way in deepening the connection you share with your partner. Through these ancient practices, you may discover new heights of erotic pleasure and expand mere moments of sexual ecstasy into a lifetime of sexual bliss.

Tantric Sex: A Guide to Tantra Lovemaking Secrets and Practices is published by Lulu and is available for immediate download in ePub format, which most e-readers use. If you don’t have an e-reader, you can download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions reader to read it on your computer. Tantric Sex is also available at iBookStore, Kobo, and NOOK.

Tantric Sex is priced at only $4.99, so don't let another night pass without experiencing deep sexual bliss. Make today the day you take your love life to new levels of fulfillment and satisfaction. To have amazing sex beginning tonight, click here


Dani said...

Jennifer, is this book available for Kindle? You can email me at quoe2 at earthlink dot net. Thanks.

Jennifer Lawless said...

No, it isn't. Lulu only submits ebooks to IBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded my copy from Lulu and will read it on my iBooks reader. Thank you for your writings. I've enjoyed your posting for three years. I'm glad that you wrote a book for us. Sky, a tantrika, a practitioner of many years

Jennifer Lawless said...

I certainly hope that you enjoy the book.

Unknown said...

Will men learn from this book as well?

Jennifer Lawless said...