Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Beginner's Guide to Sexy, Spiritual Tantric Sex

 Tantric sex is becoming more mainstream. Find out how to give it a try if you are a beginner.
If you're like most Americans, chances are good that you have preconceived notions about tantric sex. Many dismiss it as the domain of new-age hippies who wax poetic about chakras and life force.

But these days, as tantra programs pop up in spas, yoga centers and private homes across the country, the practice is finding a host of new adherents. Read more

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yog a and Meditation Reduce Cancer Risk

Relaxation techniques, such as yoga and meditation, reduce the risk of cancer by changing our DNA, according to researchers.
Yoga and meditation reduce our risk of cancer by changing our DNA, new research reveals.

People who practice so-called mind-body interventions (MBI), such as yoga, meditation and Tai Chi, produce significantly lower amounts of molecules that activate inflammation-causing genes, a study review found.

Inflammation has been linked to cancer, accelerated ageing and poor mental health. Read more

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Using Sexual Energy for Manifesting and Magic

 Nadine Lee reveals how to use sexual energy for manifesting and magic.
We all know the power of our sexual energy.

This energy creates life. Literally, the physical act of sexual union, between man and woman; is responsible for the alchemy that creates new life.

But on average, out of the many of times we have sex in our life, how many times is it being used to create a child? Sometimes once, twice or even never?

So what are we using this energy that is being created for? Read more

Thursday, June 8, 2017

How Menstruation Relates to Moon Cycles, Nature, and Diets: Rediscovering the Divine Feminine

 Kalee Brown reveals how menstruation relates to moon cycles, nature, and diets.
When I first got my period, I was thrilled! I viewed it as a right of passage, marking my transition into womanhood, and I welcomed the opportunity to embrace my newfound femininity. However, like many women, over the years I eventually started to resent my time of the month, dreading my painful cramps and counting all of the things I felt I missed out on because of it. Society treats periods as though they’re dirty and shouldn’t be spoken of, and even women look down upon them as well; but, it wasn’t always like this. Read more

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sex as a Spiritual Practice

Sex as a spiritual practice? Jacqueline Hellyer says it can be.
I'm often asked about spiritual sex, and terms like 'Tantric Sex' are the most commonly googled requests that link to my website. I believe that to reach your sexual potential you've got to be open to the spiritual elements. So let's talk sex and spirituality.

'Bliss', 'ecstasy', 'connection', 'union', 'transcendence', losing self', 'merging with the universe. Read more