Saturday, July 29, 2017

Elderly Female Yoga Practitioners Found to Have Greater Cortical Thickness

Elderly female yoga practitioners were found to have greater cortical thickness in the brain areas associated with attention and memory.
Scientists in Brazil have imaged elderly female yoga practitioners' brains and found they have greater cortical thickness in the left prefrontal cortex, in brain areas associated with cognitive functions like attention and memory. The results suggest that yoga could be a way to protect against cognitive decline in old age. Read more

Thursday, July 27, 2017

5 Ways for Women to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

 All women are capable of multiple orgasms, says Svetlana Ivanova, and gives techniques for achieving them.
While it’s true that too much of a good can sometimes be bad, that doesn't go for orgasms. If one is good, having two, three, or four is even better. Multiple orgasms means having more than one c.imax during a single lovemaking session, which could mean within minutes, hours, or the entire evening. All women are capable of having multiple orgasms. If you want to give it a try, using these five techniques one you reach your first orgasm can often lead to having more than one. Read more

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Fun Tantric Experience to Try Tonight

Tantra teacher Layla Martin reveals how couples can have a fun Tantric experience - tonight.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to Find a Tantric Partner

What can you do if you do not have a Tantric partner? Practice Tantra anyway.
When you show yourself to the world as a radiant, loving person, in full communication with yourself, your body, your feelings, your heart … As someone who has something to gíve. Someone who brings love to the world. In your own life and in that of others… Showing yourself like this makes you super attractive to others. For sure, you will find a tantric partner then, to expand your love, more and more.

Others will see you as a loving, compassionate and intriguing person, and they will love to connect with you. To them, you will be someone that can show them the way to connect to themselves and to you. And you will find yourself in a tantric relationship, in which you can expand your love, more and more. Not only (but maybe also,) physical love, but a real, deep, intimate relationship in which you both can explore the depths of life and love. Read more

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What Is the Most Intense Orgasm a Woman Can Have?

Shakti Amarantha reveals what is the most intense orgasm for women.
This was a question I answered elsewhere, so I thought I would share my answer here, too. Some of it will be redundant for those of you who have read through this blog from the start, but it still may be fun to see it summed up in one place! :)

What is the most intense orgasm a woman can have?

I've discussed this question at length with many women and their spouses/long-term partners. All are very experienced with tantric sex, and all of the women have at least occasionally experienced real monster orgasms. Read more

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Kama Sutra's Guide to Great Kissing

The Kama Sutra covers kissing as thoroughly as it does sex positions. It even includes a kissing technique that is supposed to cause a woman to climax from kissing alone.
The Kama Sutra turns kissing into an art form.

It doesn’t just tell you how to kiss (in painstaking detail), it tells you where, when and what type of kiss to use if you want to do everything from wake your partner for morning sex (‘the kiss that kindles love’ involves planting one on them while they’re sleeping to show you’re in the mood for sex) to how to annoy the hell out of them (‘the kiss that turns away’ is what you do when you’re feeling needy and they’re not paying you enough attention).

Kissing is seen as a powerful tool to manipulate your lover and get your needs met. In Hindu and Tantric texts, the kiss is also considered A Big Deal because they believe mingling saliva harmonises the opposite energies of men and women. Read more

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tantric Sex: Deeper, Stronger Orgasms With Edging

We all want to experience deeply profound, mind-blowing orgasms on a regular basis (and give them to our partners) as opposed to shallow, disappointing ones. In this video, Helena Nista introduces you to a technique called 'edging' which helps you take yourself or your partner to deeply ecstatic states with a use of a few simple tools.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to Use Sex to Explore Consciousness and Deepen Meditation

Abby Eagle reveals how to use sex to explore consciousness and deepen meditation.
When you see an attractive man or woman they are in fact a mirror for your inner man or woman. The more attractive they are the more they accurately mirror your inner man or woman. The desire then acts to bring us physically close to the other and the sexual act begins however sometimes the orgasm is a non event and other times it is intensely blissful, why? Because sex is more than just pleasure derived from physical stimulation. I have heard Osho say that most people's experience of sexual orgasm is really just confined to a physical genital experience. But there is another dimension to sexual orgasm and that is the domain of meditation. Read more

Saturday, July 1, 2017

6 Kama Sutra Techniques That Can Make Missionary Position Even Better

If missionary position is one of your favorites, the Kama Sutra has six techniques that can make it even better.
There’s only one problem with missionary sex: The vast majority of men thrust in the same conventional, in-and-out way.  Same speed, same depth, same hip motion, same everything. In other words, yawn and repeat. What these guys don’t know is that there are much more exciting ways for him to insert his penis. Ways that will create new, pleasurable sensations for both you and him. Take these six ideas from the Kama Sutra, for example. It may be an ancient Hindu text—which explains the strange names like “boar’s blow”—but these techniques certainly hold up in 2017. Read more