Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Having More Sex Boosts Your Intelligence

Research has found that sex increases the production of neutrons in the brain.
Next time your other half says they’re not in the mood for a romantic interlude, try telling them that it could make them brainier.

Although it sounds like a clever ploy, psychologists say that making love can boost intelligence.

That’s in addition to previous research which shows that sex not only helps to decrease your stress levels but also burns up calories. Read more

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Animal Stretches That Prep You for Meditation

If you dins ir difficult to sit in meditation, it could be because your body isn't prepared.
Stretches can help you prepare your body for meditation and strengthen your lower back so you can sit for extended periods and focus on your practice, pain-free. Here are three animal-inspired stretches to try: Read more

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kunyara: The Centuries-Old Sex Tradition You've Never Heard Of

Although Tantra is well-known in the West nowadays, kunyara is a centuries-old sex tradition, you've probably never heard of.
For many North American men, female ejaculation is one of the mysteries of female sexuality. Its origins and triggers are contested among women and sexologists, so it’s not surprising that few men can comment on it with much confidence. That was certainly my experience — until I moved to Rwanda, a country where female ejaculation, or kunyara, as it’s known locally, is a matter of social import.

The tradition dates back more than a century, to the Third Dynasty of the Rwandan monarchy. The story goes that while the king was away on a military campaign, the queen demanded that a guard named Kamagere have sex with her. Kamagere acquiesced, but he was so nervous about the possible repercussions that his body trembled uncontrollably. His penis, instead of penetrating the queen, rubbed up and down against her labia and clitoris — a technique that became known as kunyaza. The torrent of liquid or “water” the motion provoked from the queen was called kunyara. Read more