Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Is Tantric Sex Anyway?

Want to find out about Tantric sex? Here's how it's done.
Bees do it. Birds do it. Sting does it? Well, if you’ve heard anything about the famous musician, you know there is a very specialized way he “does it” with his wife, Trudie Styler! The former frontman for The Police has touted the benefits of tantric sex for years now, so we decided to find out — just what is tantric sex anyway?

“The word Tantra means ‘to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave,’” according to Discovery Health. “In this context, sex is thought to expand consciousness and to weave together the polarities of male (represented by the Hindu god, Shiva), and female (embodied by the Hindu goddess, Shakti), into a harmonious whole.” Read more

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What is Tantra? Books Behind the Ancient Sex Practice

To answer the question of what Tantra is, Daniel Lefferts recommends five books about Tantric sex.
There's a gift you can give your partner that'll blow both your minds, bring you closer as a couple, possibly give you glimpse of spiritual enlightenment and won't cost you a penny: That's according to authors of these guides to tantric sex, an ancient sexual discipline inspired by Buddhist philosophy.

Tantric sex comes in a variety of forms, but as a general rule it is a much longer, slower, more conscious and more spiritual version of your average do-the-deed encounter. Tantric sex involves aspects of meditation, yoga and mindfulness and often requires a great deal of restraint — all in the service of elevating sex to an exercise of the soul as well as the body. Read more

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Orgasms Are Better for Your Brain Than Sudoku

Forget crosswords or Sudoku: having an orgasm is more effective at giving the brain a workout, claims a leading neuroscientist.
It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘brainteaser’.

Apparently orgasms give our brains a better workout than doing a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku.

The sensation increases brain activity across the whole organ whereas a puzzle activates only relatively localised regions, claims neuroscientist Professor Barry Komisaruk. Read more

Saturday, August 10, 2013

3 Tantric Sex Tips to Thrill Your Partner

D. Kay Hutchinson reveals how qi gong Tantric techniques can boost your sex life and thrill your partner.
Tantric sexuality is the method of infusing energy into every sensual interaction to connect your hearts, spirits and bodies to an energy greater than yourselves--thus it is a deeply spiritual and highly erotic way of sharing love with another person.

Thus, this sensual style of lovemaking is not about sexual gymnastics and long-enduring orgasmic experiences, but instead is about creating the greatest level of emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy with someone that you love and adore profoundly. Read more

Thursday, August 8, 2013

7 Things You Didn't Know About the Male Orgasm

The male orgasm may seem simple and straightforward compared to female orgasm, but Kristen Droesch reveals seven things you may not know about it.
Recently, we revealed 10 of the craziest things that have caused women to orgasm (they're doozies), but what about men's orgasms? Have you ever wondered why some guys don't ejaculate when they orgasm? Or whether a guy has a G-spot? Yeah, we did too. So we did a little digging, and came up with the seven eerie facts you need to know about the male orgasm.

1. Orgasm and ejaculation aren't the same thing: It's true; a man is capable of climaxing without ejaculating seminal fluid. In fact, a small percentage of men have "dry" orgasms only, as opposed to the majority who are blessed with the comb-O. Read more

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Steps to a Tantric Full-Body Orgasm

Tantra has been around for thousands of years and teaches people how to connect with their bodies and the universe at a cosmic level. Of course getting to this stage takes time and practice, however the intensely intimate connection you’ll form with your partner and your body will be one of the most satisfying sexual experiences you’ll encounter. Tantric sex sounds intimidating, but taking some tips from the ancient practice sets you up for electrifying full-body orgasms that you can feel from your fingertips down to your toes. Here are five steps to experiencing a Tantric full-body orgasm:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two Sex Tips for Men with a Small Penis

Penis size isn't important to every woman, but it is important to some women.  Svetlana Ivanova reveals two sex tips for men with a small penis which will allow them to satisfy any woman.
Many men are ashamed of having a small penis, sometimes with good reason. According to a recent survey, over 50% of women have dumped a partner or refused to have sex because of small penis size. However, an under-endowed man doesn’t have to be a bad lover. The good news is that when a small penis is used with maximum effect, it can still give a woman pleasure. Try these two proven tips to help you compensate for having a small penis. Read more
For more on this topic, see my post 6 Penetrating Positions for a Small Penis.