Monday, September 29, 2008

9 Reasons Yoga Will Rock Your Sex Life

FOXSexpert Yvonne K. Fulbright explains why yoga is her favorite sex practice and how it can rock your sex life, too.
I have finally reclaimed my favorite sex practice. And it doesn’t involve being in bed. As many a "yogi" has found, the bliss in the bedroom is best pursued on a mat. In taking things from "Ommm" to "Oh! Ohhhh!" yoga enables men and women alike to tap into their sexual energy like never before. Read more

Friday, September 26, 2008

Spiritual Sex: Reuniting Body And Soul For A Whole Body Orgasm

Maya Silverman, co- author of The Erotic Massage Guide, explains how to use erotic touching to maximize your partner's bliss and reach a whole body orgasm.
... Not only can you max out your partner’s bliss by taking the time to caress him or her, but you’ll be heightening the anticipation for lovemaking – a key ingredient for that whole body orgasm!

Erotic touching is an intense and soulful experience, so be sure to engage in intimate behavior: stare into your partner’s eyes while gently stroking him or her along the length of the body. Use erotic touching as a means to explore your partner like never before.

Sure, you may know every nook and cranny of your partner’s body, but how well do you really know it? By using erotic touching, you’ll experience your lover’s body in a new and more spiritual way that will intensify your relationship, both in and out of the bedroom. Read more

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Yoga Routine for Better Sex

Tara Stiles demonstrates a yoga routine that helps release tension we hold in our bodies, which allows us to have better sex.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Experience of Tantra

One woman's first experience of Tantra shows that Tantra can break through even to someone who has panic attacks during an Indian head massage.

First some background... I really cannot tolerate anybody in my personal space, in Feb while on holiday, I decided to go for my first indian head massage... I had a panic attack and it was a disaster. My therapist suggested that I find somebody I trust to do some body work with... so I did.

I investigated different techniques and ideologies and became quite interested in Tantric thinking. I made contact with a Tantra teacher, explained my position and had my first session this morning... Read more

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Special Recipe for You and Your Lover

Suzie Heumann, founder of, outlines a sensual ritual for you and you lover.
Set aside 2 hours for this sensual ritual. An additional hour will be needed to create the set and setting.


You will need a few purchased items such as candles, flowers, sensual fruit like mango, papaya, small juicy oranges, kiwi, possibly chocolates and a sipping liqueur (if you drink alcohol). You may also wish to exchange gifts during the ritual. Read more

Monday, September 15, 2008

Orgasmic Urban Tantra for Women with Barbara Carrellas

At Expanded Lovemaking, Dr. Patti Taylor chats with Barbara Carrellas, sex educator and author of the bestseller, Urban Tantra, about giving and receiving orgasmic awaking erotic massages to women. Find out how you can use breath to go into orgasmic states. Learn that you really can “fake it till you make it." Do Dr. Patti and Barbara use breath to enhance feeling by breathing? If so, is there more than one kind of breathing? What would these kinds of breaths sound like? Then, learn some of the kinds of strokes that you can give a woman on her labia, heart, abdomen, clitoris, and internally. Find out where Dr. Patti and Barbara have similar tastes in pleasuring! And, is a hard woman good to find, and if so, why? (Hint: use the word “engorgement” in your answer.) Is an electric vibrator a good thing, and if so, what is the optimal type, large or small? How might you use one? Where might you use one? The answers may surprise you. Listen

Friday, September 12, 2008

Orgasmic Urban Tantra for Men with Barbara Carrellas

At Expanded Lovemaking, Dr. Patti Taylor chats with Barbara Carrellas, author of the bestselling book, Urban Tantra, Sacred Sex for the Twenty First Century. Find out how Barbara defines Urban Tantra, and neo-Tantra. Learn about the all-important “resilient edge”, and how you can tell if you’re doing it right, at cocktail parties, and, on cats! Discover the art of “seeing energy." Then, learn how to give and receive the male erotic awakening massage. Find out why breath is the most important element of all. Is orgasm important? Find out just why it is, and isn’t. What are the goals of this type of pleasure? What types of strokes do you give a man’s cock, and body? How do you spread the energy to prevent ejaculation? What do you do with the breath to send yourself into an amazing mind-blowing experience? Listen

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Clinical Secrets of a Tantric Sex Therapist

Francesca Gentille interviews Sally Valentine, Ph.D., in Clinical Sexology, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and Tantrika at Sex: Tantra & Kama Sutra. In this episode, Sally shares the gems of wisdom, and key practices that she has learned from her years as a clinical sex therapist. Learn how to reconnect from those hard days. Deepen into compassion for the woundings we all carry into relationship. Discover the most common challenge in longterm relationships. Turn the power play into play. Listen

Monday, September 8, 2008

Can Sexologists Tell Whether a Woman Has Vaginal Orgasms by the Way She Walks?

Can sexologists tell whether woman has vaginal orgasms by the way she walks? A new study proves that they can 80 percent of the time. The study also provides support for Tantric assumptions of a link between muscle blocks and sexual function and lends scientific credibility to the idea of incorporating training in movement, breathing, and pelvic floor exercises into the treatment of sexual dysfunction.
A new study found that trained sexologists could infer a woman's history of vaginal orgasm by observing the way she walks. The study is published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.


The results showed that the appropriately trained sexologists were able to correctly infer vaginal orgasm through watching the way the women walked over 80 percent of the time. Further analysis revealed that the sum of stride length and vertebral rotation was greater for the vaginally orgasmic women. "This could reflect the free, unblocked energetic flow from the legs through the pelvis to the spine," the authors note. Read more

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tantra: How to Begin

Shambhavi at Living Tantra tells how to begin a Tantra practice when one doesn't have a teacher.
I regularly receive e-mail from readers of Living Tantra asking how to begin practicing Tantra when one doesn’t yet have a teacher. It’s easy, but I have to warn you that some readers have not taken to my answer because it doesn’t involve any secret yogic practices or sex. In fact, it involves stuff like scraping your tongue and going to bed at a regular, proper time. Read more