Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 Better Ways to Express Your Intimacy

Em & Lo share five better ways to express you intimacy than sharing your password.
A recent survey by Pew Internet and the American Life Project found that one in three teens had shared a password (email, Facebook, etc.) with a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend. Apparently sharing your password is the new way to express intimacy, to prove to your partner that you have nothing to hide. Um, hello Facebook hacking! (Aside: Did you know that if you work at Facebook HQ and accidentally leave your FB account logged in when you leave your desk, some jokester colleague will update your status to say that you are pooping? Apparently it’s a company tradition.) Anyway. Maybe teens don’t have any credit card digits to lose just yet, but identify theft (or even just unauthorized identity borrowing) can suck in junior high too. We hope we don’t need to explain what a terrible idea this is.

But just in case we do — and we get it: exchanging letterman jackets and class rings is so last century — here are five better ways to express your intimacy, for the love-struck teen inside us all. Read more

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beyond Orgasm : Creating True Intimacy, Sexuality, and Love

Dr. Warren Berland has some simple and powerful questions for immediately deepening your intimacy and sexuality.
Relationships can truly be the source of our greatest pleasures in life. I am truly committed to helping people discover that they actually have the power to create such profoundly loving and nurturing relationships.

In my first three articles I’ve discussed the transformational process of getting out of the box, and accessing your true self that is always waiting to be expressed. This is true for everyone—especially you!! Read more

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Sexploitation of Yoga

WIlliam J. Broad's New York Times article "Yoga and Sex Scandals" misleadingly implies that yoga's capacity to improve libido leads to sexual misconduct, Elaine Gavalas.
WIlliam J. Broad's New York Times article on yoga injuries fueled a heated debate regarding the safety of yoga practice. His recent New York Times article, "Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here," is now creating a yoga sexploitation.

His article claims yoga began as tantric sex cult. It also mentions sexual scandals of yoga gurus. The article misleadingly implies that yoga's capacity to improve libido leads to sexual misconduct. Read more

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evidence Builds That Meditation Strengthens the Brain

Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain.
Earlier evidence out of UCLA suggested that meditating for years thickens the brain (in a good way) and strengthens the connections between brain cells. Now a further report by UCLA researchers suggests yet another benefit.

Eileen Luders, an assistant professor at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, and colleagues, have found that long-term meditators have larger amounts of gyrification ("folding" of the cortex, which may allow the brain to process information faster) than people who do not meditate. Further, a direct correlation was found between the amount of gyrification and the number of meditation years, possibly providing further proof of the brain's neuroplasticity, or ability to adapt to environmental changes. Read more

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ancient Secrets of Seduction

Tantra can help you discover the ancient secrets of seduction, says Lisa Coffey.
For some people, attempting to be romantic can be the source of a great deal of anxiety.

Never fear! An age-old practice from India can help us to discover the secrets of seduction. Ancient wisdom explains why, and modern style how!

The word “Tantra” means “instrument of the body.” It may sound exotic, but it is actually very simple. Tantra teaches us to use all five of our senses consciously, because it is through our senses that we are connected with the physical world. Read more

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Be a Sensual Lover

 One of the tenets of Tantric sex is that the process of lovemaking is just as or more important than the goal of orgasm. Michael Webb says that a boring lover thinks that sex is only about intercourse, but a great lover is a sensual lover.
Sex tips can help you perfect your technique, but how do you become a sweet, kind and giving lover? Sex tips aren’t going to tell you THIS!

What Does It Take To Be Great At Lovemaking?

A great lover’s heightened sensuality is his ace. He understands what the senses are for and rouses them with full abandon. He offers stimulus bombardment and makes a woman feel so alive. With him, she experiences excitement, exhilaration, romance, danger, passion, even cluelessness. With the sensual one, sex becomes something else entirely.

The boring dude, his antithesis, couldn’t even stir up emotions and he barely knows how to touch – he thinks sex is a penis and vagina affair. He’s so dull and mundane, being with him is like watching paint peel.

So take your pick – do you want to be sensual or boring? One type of guy gets laid much more than the other.

Can you guess which one? Read more

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Yoga Really All about Your Genitals?

Is yoga really all about your genitals? Only if you believe the mainstream media's typical combination of titillation and misinformation.
OMG you guys, have you heard? Yoga is all about ... how to put this gently without scaring the children? It's all about your naughty bits. Your genitals. It's true.

It's also all about kinky superstar "gurus," sexual healing and drug-crazed orgies where everyone gets naked, sleeps with married people and prays to weird Hindu gods with ten arms, flaming red tongues and giant stone phalluses that crazed devotees pour lots of milk, butter, honey and flowers all over as regular ritual. I know! What's not to like?

How do I know all this? I just read it in the New York Times. I just read, more specifically, all about the great John Friend/Anusara yoga sex scandal of 2012 -- a very big deal indeed in the yoga world right now, by the way -- as covered, in small part, by the Times' sole yoga-practicing writer in a hundred-mile radius (apparently), a seemingly nice but largely misinformed science guy named William Broad. Read more

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reading the Sacred Sex Bible

To many people, sacred sex seems like a contradiction in terms, but The Sacred Sex Bible discusses how to incorporate sex into a spiritual path.
"In making love with a sense of the sacred, your body becomes a temple and your partner’s body a shrine."

Sex Magick Revisited

The idea of “sacred sex” frightens some people. The independent erotica author Roy Askham recently started a blog called Sex and Spiritual Life. Its purpose is to ask the question, “Can sex be incorporated into a spiritual path?” Askham has written a novel that combines BDSM themes with the theme of spiritual progress. The protagonist, Edward, discovers that sexual desires and spiritual seeking are not incompatible. Askham has received both positive and negative feedback on the combination. One blog commenter wrote, “I think our earthly desires have little to do with our spiritual path, unless we allow them to interfere.” Read more

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Soft Penetration: A Great Way to Connect

Men (and women) have been programmed to believe that a man should have a rock-hard erection at all times during lovemaking, but Lawrence Lanoff says that soft penetration is a great way to deepen our connection.

A friend asked me about soft penetration with her lover, so I thought I would share a bit about this very misunderstood subject.

We live in a culture where a stiff cock means everything. However, thinking a stiff cock is all there is - and that something is wrong if it ain’t - is like trying to inhale all the time. You can’t. We need the inhale and the exhale.

It was through tantra I first noticed the sexual exhale that I call ‘soft penetration’. It was something that occurred naturally and often. That is to say, when I was completely immersed in the energy of the moment, my cock wasn’t always hard. I began referring to this as my lunar cock - the opposite of a solar cock. Instead of it being fully locked and loaded, it tended to be soft and receptive. Read more