Thursday, December 20, 2018

10 Ways to Raise the Kundalini

Martin Booe shares ten ways to raise the kundalini.
Kundalini, also known as Shakti,  s described as the primal energy or life force that animates living beings. Kundalini permeates the whole body and is directly connected to the breath, but there is also a pocket of dormant Kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine in the lower ch kkas. This dormant Kundalini is said to be coiled around itself three and half times like a snake. When awakened, it rises up through the spine to the brain stem, causing the yogi to spontaneously attain samadhi, the ultimate state of spiritual awareness. Read more

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

the Ancient and Mysterious Art of Yoni Worship

Sofia Sundari describes the ancient and mysterious art of yoni worship.
A woman’s pussy is a portal to life. It is a place from where all life originated.

Our vaginas are called so many different names: “down there”, “pipi”, “cockpocket”, “hairy mussel”, “goodies”, “honey pot”, “kitty”, “pussy”. I bet you will agree that none of these nicknames really express the magic, power, and sacredness that is within the most feminine part of the female body. Read more

Saturday, December 15, 2018

10 Sexy and Romantic Types of Kisses You Should Know

Svetlana Ivanova shares ten sexy and romantic types of kisses you should know.
Women love to kiss, and lesbians love to more than most because women are just so kissable. A kiss is not just a kiss, however. Kisses can range from subtle to sensual to sexual. Here are ten sexy and romantic types of kisses every lesbian should know. Read more

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tantric Practice Beyond Sexual Techniques

Lokita Carter shares how to take Tantric practice beyond sexual techniques.
Remember how everything is brighter when you first fall in love? Have you ever felt the special feeling of oneness during or after lovemaking? You are fully connected with your partner on the physical, emotional and spiritual plane. Nothing matters but the two of you, almost floating in the air with satisfaction and closeness. All worries and doubts have disappeared, and you are completely relaxed. Your body tingles with delight, and your heart is beating joyously and with love. You disappear into the eyes of your partner and everything you do, look at and touch suddenly has a special glow. Read more

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

Anna Breslaw reveals how women can have a vaginal orgasm, or at least have the best chance of it.
You very rarely hear women say they can achieve orgasm just from penetration, but like the Loch Ness Monster, the legend sticks around just enough to make those who are more clitorally-oriented wonder if it's worth working towards. And men put a premium on it for a few obvious reasons: (A) Porn and (B) They want to feel like their penis is a sexual hot-rod that will make you speak in tongues and throw your vibrator in a volcano. Read more

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The 4-Hour Orgasm

Sex and relationship coach Kim Anami reveals the steps to the 4-hour orgasm.
Knowing that sex is a major energy source, I love to have a lot of it.

I'm interested in mastery and transcendence. Applied to sex, that involves amplifying the power and pleasure it gives us. Most people, even if they are sexually active, don’t harness and utilize the power of their sexual energy. The leak it out unconsciously. Read more

Thursday, December 6, 2018

10 Intimate Sex Positions to Feel the Romance in ine Bedroom

There are other ways besides romantic walks and dinners to bring back the romance. Start right in your bedroom with these ten intimate sex positions.
People often overlook the bedroom when trying to bring the spark back into their relationship. Sure, you can go on couple vacations or do something adventurous together, but you’re forgetting where all the magic happens. That’s right, right in the bedroom with some intimate sex.

Intimate sex positions

With some fun under the sheets, you can easily reignite the intimacy between you and your partner. So, if you’re thinking doggy style is intimate, then keep on reading. Read more

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Karezza: An Orgasm-Free Way to Improve Your Sex Life

Karezza is an orgasm-free way to improve your sex life, says Anna Medaris Miller.
Whether it’s a quickie in the closet while the kids sleep, a brief bang in the bathroom in between teeth-brushing and face-washing, or a three-minute romp in the sack before the snoring strikes, you're probably good at “efficient” sex.

Recent research from Utrecht University in the Netherlands found that the average time between penetration and orgasm among 500 couples around the world was 5.4 minutes. (Yes, the couples used stopwatches.) Read more

Saturday, December 1, 2018

6 Yoga Poses for Enhanced Intimacy

For enhanced intimacy with your partner, try these six yoga poses.

Sure, yoga's great for focus, flexibility and decreasing stress, but who would have thought the ancient practice can also help you connect more deeply with your partner? Yoga teaches mindfulness – living in the present moment – so that you can truly relax and focus on savoring the moments that you and your partner share. And here’s an added bonus: it also turns out that regular yoga practice can not only increase mindfulness, energy and overall physical wellness, it can also increase satisfaction between the sheets.

So, channel your inner yogi with these six poses. Read more