Tuesday, December 22, 2015

9 Surprisingly Practical Lessons from Tantric Sex

Your biggest pleasure organ isn’t between your legs, but between your ears, says Aleisha Fettters. Deepen your relationship with these simple, mindful tips.
For the uninitiated, the idea of tantric sex can be mystifying. You might assume it's all kink or you may be reminded of rumors about Sting’s famous (or, rather, infamous) nine-hour sex sessions. The rest of you probably just scratch your head. Luckily for both your comfort zone and schedule, tantric sex is about more than marathon lovemaking.

With its roots in ancient Indian principles, tantric sex is a form of meditation—a way to connect to both your partner and yourself in a more intimate way. Rather than focusing on recreation, it emphasizes the same mindful techniques that can slash stress and increase your focus—both of which can lead to more pleasurable sex.

Ready to find bedroom and relationship bliss? Take a lesson (or 9!) from tantric sex’s mindful practices. Read more

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3 Fast-Acting, Stress-Reducing Breathing Techniques

The right breathing techniques can reduce stress in minutes, says Dr. Frank Lipman. 
Breathing is, fortunately, second nature. We draw breath hundreds of times a day and around the clock without a second thought. However, when we get flustered, breath becomes short and shallow – and stress has nowhere to go but up! In that flustered state, it’s easy to forget to be in the moment and, as they say, “just breathe.” Read more

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Brief History of Penis Worship

Carrie Weisman says that at the root of penis worship is a rich tradition of symbolism.
From the Washington Monument to the gear stick, the hotdog to the trophy, the phallus is everywhere. Sure, some may seem like happy accidents. Others more consciously constructed. But at the root of phallic adoration is a rich tradition of symbolism; a culture of images that begin and end with the penis. Often, we can trace these traditions back to a few familiar names. Read more

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

4 Rules to GUARANTEE the Best Erotic Massage of Her Life

Sex coach Nick Hardwick says that following four rules will guarantee that the next erotic massage you give will be the best of her lifel
Everyone loves getting a massage. It relaxes the body, stimulates blood flow and natural pain killers, and feels great. The only way it can get better is if you throw a little bit of sex in there! 
Women love a man with slow hands, and an erotic massage can put any tired, grumpy woman into a quivering, ecstatic girl in no time. If you master this technique for an erotic massage, you'll never be single again ... guaranteed.
Here are four rules to follow so you can give her the best erotic massage of her life: Read more