Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Taoist's Natural Ejaculation Control Technique

Stephen Kwan reveals how to practice the Taoist Natural Ejaculation Control Technique to strengthen the body, reverse aging, and enjoy a better, healthier sex life.
The causes of premature ejaculation vary from chemical alterations to physiological and psychological issues. For thousand of years, Taoists have been practicing Natural Ejaculation Control Technique to strengthen their bodies, reverse aging and enjoy better, healthier sex lives. This technique restores and builds the sexual bioenergy by empowering a man to delay ejaculation (often ruined by excessive masturbation), fix his nervous system dysfunction and his weak parasympathetic nerves, and improve his premature ejaculation caused by male menopause or weak P.C. muscles.

By practicing this technique, you will be able to maximize the power of erections while controlling the urge to ejaculate. Practicing Taoist Technique consistently will lead to better sex and a higher level of performance. Read more

Saturday, October 28, 2017

7 Powerful Mantras to Protect You From Everything, Even Death

These seven powerful mantras are said to protect you from everything - even death.
There are many powerful mantras that you can use for protection.

In my Ultimate Guide To Mantras I’ve shared mantras for every purpose from all different spirutalities.

Many readers asked for more mantras for protection.

Good news:

There are lots of mantras that can keep you safe from harm.

There are mantras that can: Read more

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tantric Breathing Techniques for When You Want to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

Annakeara Stinson shares two Tantric breathing techniques for sex when you're looking to spice things up.
Have you ever been in the middle of having sex and you cannot, for the life of you, get out of your own head?

Or maybe you feel really self-conscious, or upset, or disconnected? Or even like, kind of numb?

It can be a deeply frustrating feeling, when what is supposed to be an intimate, pleasurable, or cathartic experience just simply isn't living up to your expectations. Read more

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

16 Non-Sexual Touches to Feel Connected and Loved

A touch can convey a lot more love and affection than words. Use these sixteen non-sexual touches to feel more connected and loved in your relationship.
When two people first fall in love, there’s always a lot of physical intimacy.

In fact, new couples have a hard time even keeping their hands off each other!

They cuddle and cozy up in private, in public and every other place in between.

And somewhere along the way, that dreamy infatuation stage of love starts to get diluted with a mature kind of love.

And somewhere along that road, those hair-tingling touches that lead to sex too start fading away. Read more

Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to Activate Your Pineal Gland and Awaken Your Psychic Ability

Find out how to activate your pineal gland in order to awaken your psychic abilities.
Our pineal gland is located deep inside the middle of our brain. René Descartes was a French philosopher who believed it to be the seat of the soul. Scientists have found that it produces melatonin, which has an affect on sleep patterns.
Today it is believed that the pineal gland is not activated due to too much electronic stimulation and fluoride in water and toothpaste.

However, you can activate your pineal gland, if you know how. But why should we? What are the benefits of pineal gland activation? Read more

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Vocal-Vaginal Correlation

Did you know that your vagina and your voice are intimately connected?
The relationship between a woman’s vagina and her voice is at once subtle and obvious. Beginning with the fact that “cervix” comes from the Latin word for neck, the vagina and the throat are remarkably similar structures, each supported in function by a hammock-like set of diaphragmatic muscles which also happen to move in tandem with respiration. Read more

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6 Practices to Awaken the Tantric Lover Within

Nadine Lee describes six practices to awaken the Tantric lover within you.
We are all born Tantric lovers, because we are all born as divine, loving pure presence.

When most people think of Tantra, they think of the Kama Sutra and a host of awkward sex positions that seem unattainable even to the well practiced yogi. Many think Tantra is all about sex. Read more

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10 Tantric Practices for a Fabulous Relationship

Here are ten Tantric for a fabulous relationship. Warning: you may have to curb your ego for a few of them. 
We present you 10 tantric practices for a fulfilled relationship. On a daily basis, you can practice it and integrate it into your system. You will remember it and your body and mind don’t regret it…

1. Be Present

The greatest gift you can give your partner is to be present. Your presence, your attention is crucial. It’s not that you have to be there and attentive all the time, but be clear about it. 30 minutes presence every day is worth more than 7×24 hours togetherness without being present. Read more

Thursday, October 12, 2017

7 Little Things You Can Do During Sex to Boost Your Bond With Your Partner

Tiarra Mukherjee reveals seven little things you can do during sex to boost your bond with your partner.
ex sessions inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey might be what tickles your fancy, or maybe sex à la The Notebook is more your speed. But either way, it's no myth that sex, whether kinky or romantic, is a powerful way to increase intimacy with your partner and deepen your bond. Read more

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

4 Cunnilingus Warm-Up Techniques

Svetlana Ivanova reveals four techniques to warm up your partner for cunnilingus.
The most often repeated sex advice is that "every woman is different."  One thing that is true of every woman, however, is that she needs time to get turned on. Even though your lover is undoubtedly already turned on before you go down on her, these four oral sex warm-up moves will help to take her to the next level. Read more

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sex in the Slow Lane

Emma Brockes reveals how to have sex in the slow lane.
It is difficult to approach the subject of tantric sex with a straight face and an open mind when you have browsed the reading list of the SkyDancing Institute.

SkyDancing, 'an ancient metaphor for the ability to achieve ecstatic states', is an organisation founded by Margot Anand, teacher of tantra and distributor of the rather platitudinous advice, 'instead of having sex, try making love'. Read more

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

3 Tantra Techniques for Deeper Love

Build love by bonding twice a day with these Tantra techniques.
Each of us has days when we arrive home tired and cranky, wake up on the wrong side of bed, or get stuck in a conflict with our partner. Rather than waiting until you drift apart, couples can proactively build love by bonding twice a day through practices that Western Tantra teachers Charles and Caroline Muir call "10-Minute Connects." Here are three such techniques. Read more