Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ancient Tantric Techniques for Improved Sexual Vigor

Here are several ancient Tantric techniques that can increase male sexual vigor naturally.
We men are great lovers of porn. And have spend so many nights (and days, and afternoons and evenings) watching Jenna Jameson being beautifully ravaged by tall muscular men, who could go on and without feeling the need to ejaculate.

Do you think you would actually last for as long? Not a chance. As per a recent statistical survey a sexual intercourse can last from anything between 5 -15 minutes. This means that most average men aren’t able to last for more than fifteen minutes inside their women. So even as your woman starts enjoying the motions and feels herself getting into the act your vessel has already tumbled, and you are just about take your first after sex snore. That’s fully faltu sex for you. Read more