Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tantra of Opening Up the Lower Back and Quads

This video demonstrates a partner pose for the second chakra to open up the lower back and quads for height and weight loss.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spiritual Sex: 10 Erotic Commandments

Thomas Moore tell how to discover the sacred unity of body and soul when it comes to sex.
People blame philosopher René Descartes for the modern idea that spirit and body are two separate and antagonistic entities. I don't. I think making this division is an age-old trap. It takes work to see clearly that you need your physical senses to be a spiritual person, and that you need a spiritual acceptance of life's goodness to be profoundly sensual and sexual.

When you finally get body and spirit together—Renaissance writers said you need to be a person of soul to do this—you will discover greater joy in lovemaking. It makes sense: If you are a whole person made up of body, soul, and spirit, when you make love with only your body, you're getting only one third of the sex. Spirit and soul like sex, too, and they add immensely to the pleasure. Read more

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meditation for Better Relationships

No matter how devoted we may be to the spiritual life, few of us have the desire to become hermits meditating on a mountaintop. We have jobs, businesses, families, friends, and neighbors, and during our day we are sure to encounter difficult people sometimes. How do we do that in a spiritual way? Chade-Meng Tan describes three meditation practices that he has found to be extremely useful in helping him deal with people.
A long time ago, I came across this joke:

Once, a disciple asked, "Master, is associating with people half the holy life?"

The Master replied, "No, associating with people is the whole of holy life".

This joke probably started as a misreading of the famous Upaddah Sutta in Buddhism, where the Buddha told Ananda that friendships with "admirable people" is not half of holy life, but the whole of holy life. Over time, however, I found the humorous apocryphal version to be deeply insightful. There are at least two components to one's spiritual practice, Wisdom and Compassion, and associating with people, especially in difficult situations, helps us grow Compassion. Therefore, you probably cannot live a holy life without associating with people.

I have found three practices to be extremely useful in helping me deal with people. Read more

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tantra Partner Connect Exercise

Tantric sex is all about using sexual energy to establish deep, soul-level connections between partners. Properly practicing Tantric sex exercises is key to achieving this kind of intimacy. Pam Babbitt shares one her favorite Tantra techniques: a simple and easy partner connect exercise.
This is one of my favorite tantra techniques as it is simple, effort­less, and can be done before you get out of bed in the morning or before you go to sleep at night. And it may become habit forming!


Tantra Partner Connect Exercise

Find a quiet, comfortable space with no interruptions. Put on your sarongs (or your birthday suit!) and lie on your sides facing, toes touching, with top arms resting lightly on each other’s body. Use gentle taps to move from step to step. Read more

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tantra as an Alternative Medicine

Most people who express an interest in Tantra have been admonished that "Tantra isn't just about sex!" If Tantra isn't just about sex (and it isn't), what is it about then? Yogi Padma Anand discusses Tantra as an alternative medicine.
There are various ways for realization of SELF as Brahman, who is the source of Truth, Existence and Bliss. Tantra is one of them. Through Tantra we experience the Supreme Bliss of Knowledge & Power.

Most People are unclear about what Tantra really is and what it can do for you. Probably the most common view is that Tantra has some connection with Oriental religion, with uninhibited sex, and with the lovemaking positions and techniques outlined in the Kama Sutra, Hinduism's oldest sex manual. To some, Tantra is a free-love cult, a survival of the psychedelic sixties; to others, it's New Age spiritual sex therapy. See also: Sex Therapy

None of these views of Tantra are wrong outright, but none really explain what Tantra actually is. So what is Tantra? What does it mean? And, most important of all, what is its relevance to us today? Read more

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trudie Styler: "Sadomasochism Is the New Tantra"

Yoga teacher Tara Stiles attended Trudie Styler's DVD launch at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Center. and reports that the guest of honor made a surprising statement: "Sadomasochism is the new Tantra." What did she mean by that?
Last night I escaped the dramatic winter chill again and was warm and sheltered with a group of people celebrating Trudie Styler at her Yoga DVD launch at Donna Karan's Urban Zen Center. An aura of grace, enthusiasm, and ease follows Trudie wherever she goes. She announced in her welcome/award-like acceptance speech, that "Sadomasochism is the new Tantra". Read more

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tantric Roots of Yoga

Join One Taste's Harmony Niles in a conversation with Eric Shaw about the Tantric roots of yoga. Listen and learn about the relationship between yoga and Tantra as well as the influences Hinduism has on both of these practices. If you are curious about how and why these spiritual and physical practices integrate together and into modern society, then tune in to this episode and see these ancient traditions in a new light. Listen

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cultivating Sexual Energy: White Tiger Tantra Heart Meditation

Sexual disorders are on the rise, says Women Awakened, but pharmaceuticals are not the answer. The White Tiger Tantra Heart meditation will help you cultivate sexual energy, plus boost your creativity and vitality.
So, as promised in my previous post, I felt inspired to share with you an exercise in cultivating sexual energy, called White Tiger Tantra Heart Meditation. In my experience, this simple, yet powerful exercise not only helps amplify sexual arousal and intensify orgasms exponentially, it also gives a boost in creative energy and vitality. Read more

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Building Sexual Trust for Better Orgasms

Sexual trust is the best way to have better longer lasting orgasms. New World Sex Educator Jaiya talks about building sexual trust for the creation of a better sex life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tantric Fire Ritual

Tantra teacher Kamala Devi describes the Tantric Fire Ritual or Agni-Homa that she used to achieve harmony with her partner.
When my beloved and I were on Pilgimmage in India, we worked off our karmic incompatability by practicing "Agni-Homa" or Fire Puja under the guidence of a Tantric Master. Our vedic astrological charts revealed that we were tragically incompatablity in the area of romance. So, everyday for nearly 3 weeks we offered fire, prayers and prostrations to chandi the Moon Goddess.

The specific ceremony we practiced in India is a very complex vedic process that begins at sunrise or sunset and lasts for many hours. Here is a photo of the Agni temple where we practiced in South India. It's been over 5 years and my beloved and I are still experiencing extreme harmony.

In order to realize more relief from post pardum depression, I recently resumed a simplified version of this ceremony as my morning practice for the 21 days leading up to my recent Shadow Dancing intensive with David Cates. The results are comperably profound. Read more

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Integrating Tantra into Your Life

I don't really think of Tantra as something I do. It's simply part of my life. Tantra teacher Janet Kira Lessin gives some suggestions on how to integrate Tantra into your life.
Tantra, a lifestyle integrating spirituality and consciousness, allows the you to experience moments of enlightenment and a blissful, beautiful sense of oneness with the entire universe and everything around you. This is the highest level of human development, a point at which the individual dissolves all the conflicts and tensions of the body, soul and mind and you become a "fully realized being." Well, for the moment.

I say for "the moment" because as human beings we don’t seem to be able to maintain that state of existence for long. Rather than make that "higher" or "lower," "right" or "wrong," I invite you to appreciate the perfection of this plane (the 3rd dimension) just as it is. Recognize your souls’ ability to experience multidimensional living as a choice. From this position of choice, realize the divine perfection of choosing being here now on the Earth, is as every bit as valid as being in "Seventh Heaven" and all the other levels in between.

As a conscious, Tantric, being, you can now further develop your ability to move inter-dimensionally as a continuing life practice, appreciate and enjoy the evolutionary process, alone, with lovers or in communities. You bring the best of all the dimensions that you experience back from your travels to your human life and begin to join and co-create with others, who are simultaneously becoming conscious and aware, and sanctifying true heaven on Earth. Read more