Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 Common Meditation Mistakes

Learn from Axel Gjertsen how to avoid the most common meditation mista
It’s good to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. In this post we’ll take a look at 10 of the most common mistakes beginners and intermediate meditators make. As always, focus on the pointers that inspire and make the most sense to you.

1) For Beginners:
Opt to meditate when you are calm and feel at ease. It’s not a good idea for a novice meditator to practice immediately after a busy day at work, which makes it more difficult to concentrate. If you want to meditate after a stressful day, take a short nap beforehand.

For intermediate and experienced meditators on the other hand, it’s essential to learn as much as possible about the mind. Then, it’s worthwhile to occasionally meditate for example while tired, angry or under stress. This is to familiarize oneself with various mental states. Read more

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Is Tantra?

Tantra teacher Deva Charu gives a brief introduction to demystify Tantra.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can Tantric Sex Be Short and Sweet?

Tantra is famous for extended lovemaking, but can Tantric sex be short and sweet? According to Susie Heumann, it can be.
Does the phrase 'timing is everything' sound familiar?

In the world of tantric sex, is there a time for the “quickie?" According to Susie Heumann, founder of Tantra.com, there is. You probably have experienced having a quickie sex date and maybe it was hot and exciting for you both, or maybe just great for him but not for you. Since we know that women often take longer to warm up sexually, can a woman truly enjoy a quick ‘romp in the hay’ and feel satisfied? Well, she can now with the Tantric Quickie.

The word "quickie" implies that there is also a longer version, and of course there is. Tantric lovemaking is generally a more relaxed and languorous affair, with deep fulfillment for both partners. You and your beloved sharing several hours with each other in sensual delight and spiritual communion. Read more

Saturday, September 10, 2011

6 Tips for Choosing a Meditation Practice

Have you tried meditation but gave it up because it didn't seem to suit you? It could be that you chose the wrong meditation practice. Meditation teacher Susan Piver givers six great tips for choosing the right meditation practice for you.
When I started practicing meditation in 1995, I didn't tell too many people about it for fear they would think I had joined a cult or turned into some kind of new-aged oddball. If I mention it today, however, I'm more likely to be greeted by comments like, "I just came back from a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat," or "Yes, my doctor told me I should meditate to stabilize my blood pressure." I knew that this ancient practice had officially entered our culture when I saw a billboard advertising a new sleeping pill called Zazen. It's here.

Now, we're faced with a plethora of choices for developing a meditation practice. I say go for it! Explore the practice of "Vipassana" or "Insight Meditation." Ask your doctor to refer you to a clinic where they teach mindfulness based stress reduction, which is connected to Vipassana. Visit your local Shambhala center or another Tibetan Buddhist center and learn "Shamatha" or the practice of tranquility. Try "Zazen" (the Zen meditation practice, not the sleeping pill).

There are many other forms of meditation practice, but as a Buddhist, these are the ones I am familiar with and can vouch for. And as you do your research, I suggest you consider these parameters: Read more

Thursday, September 8, 2011

15-Minute Female Orgasm

Timothy Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Body, lays out the five steps needed to give a woman a 15=minute orgasm.
Step 1:

First, get undressed and lie on your back using a pillow for neck support. Your legs should be bent and spread, feet together in butterfly position. If this makes your hips uncomfortable on one or both sides, just put pillows underneath the knees.

Your guy should sit to your right side on top of at least two pillows and straddle his bent left leg perpendicularly across her torso, foot flat on the opposite side. (It almost looks as if he's on top in reverse cowgirl position, except his weight will be to the side of your torso.) Read more

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Sleep Correctly: Advice from the Enlightened

Anmol Mehta reveals how to use sleep and the nighttime to maximize spiritual growth.
Sleep and the nighttime are a very important and interesting part of spiritual evolution and in this two part series I am going to go into some of the more fascinating and unusual suggestions of how to get the most out of sleep time. This series will be helpful to both, those who are suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep and those who are interested in maximizing spiritual growth during sleep time. Read more