Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tantric Fire Ritual

Tantra teacher Kamala Devi describes the Tantric Fire Ritual or Agni-Homa that she used to achieve harmony with her partner.
When my beloved and I were on Pilgimmage in India, we worked off our karmic incompatability by practicing "Agni-Homa" or Fire Puja under the guidence of a Tantric Master. Our vedic astrological charts revealed that we were tragically incompatablity in the area of romance. So, everyday for nearly 3 weeks we offered fire, prayers and prostrations to chandi the Moon Goddess.

The specific ceremony we practiced in India is a very complex vedic process that begins at sunrise or sunset and lasts for many hours. Here is a photo of the Agni temple where we practiced in South India. It's been over 5 years and my beloved and I are still experiencing extreme harmony.

In order to realize more relief from post pardum depression, I recently resumed a simplified version of this ceremony as my morning practice for the 21 days leading up to my recent Shadow Dancing intensive with David Cates. The results are comperably profound. Read more

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