Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Integrating Tantra into Your Life

I don't really think of Tantra as something I do. It's simply part of my life. Tantra teacher Janet Kira Lessin gives some suggestions on how to integrate Tantra into your life.
Tantra, a lifestyle integrating spirituality and consciousness, allows the you to experience moments of enlightenment and a blissful, beautiful sense of oneness with the entire universe and everything around you. This is the highest level of human development, a point at which the individual dissolves all the conflicts and tensions of the body, soul and mind and you become a "fully realized being." Well, for the moment.

I say for "the moment" because as human beings we don’t seem to be able to maintain that state of existence for long. Rather than make that "higher" or "lower," "right" or "wrong," I invite you to appreciate the perfection of this plane (the 3rd dimension) just as it is. Recognize your souls’ ability to experience multidimensional living as a choice. From this position of choice, realize the divine perfection of choosing being here now on the Earth, is as every bit as valid as being in "Seventh Heaven" and all the other levels in between.

As a conscious, Tantric, being, you can now further develop your ability to move inter-dimensionally as a continuing life practice, appreciate and enjoy the evolutionary process, alone, with lovers or in communities. You bring the best of all the dimensions that you experience back from your travels to your human life and begin to join and co-create with others, who are simultaneously becoming conscious and aware, and sanctifying true heaven on Earth. Read more

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