Tuesday, December 22, 2015

9 Surprisingly Practical Lessons from Tantric Sex

Your biggest pleasure organ isn’t between your legs, but between your ears, says Aleisha Fettters. Deepen your relationship with these simple, mindful tips.
For the uninitiated, the idea of tantric sex can be mystifying. You might assume it's all kink or you may be reminded of rumors about Sting’s famous (or, rather, infamous) nine-hour sex sessions. The rest of you probably just scratch your head. Luckily for both your comfort zone and schedule, tantric sex is about more than marathon lovemaking.

With its roots in ancient Indian principles, tantric sex is a form of meditation—a way to connect to both your partner and yourself in a more intimate way. Rather than focusing on recreation, it emphasizes the same mindful techniques that can slash stress and increase your focus—both of which can lead to more pleasurable sex.

Ready to find bedroom and relationship bliss? Take a lesson (or 9!) from tantric sex’s mindful practices. Read more

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