Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reading the Sacred Sex Bible

To many people, sacred sex seems like a contradiction in terms, but The Sacred Sex Bible discusses how to incorporate sex into a spiritual path.
"In making love with a sense of the sacred, your body becomes a temple and your partner’s body a shrine."

Sex Magick Revisited

The idea of “sacred sex” frightens some people. The independent erotica author Roy Askham recently started a blog called Sex and Spiritual Life. Its purpose is to ask the question, “Can sex be incorporated into a spiritual path?” Askham has written a novel that combines BDSM themes with the theme of spiritual progress. The protagonist, Edward, discovers that sexual desires and spiritual seeking are not incompatible. Askham has received both positive and negative feedback on the combination. One blog commenter wrote, “I think our earthly desires have little to do with our spiritual path, unless we allow them to interfere.” Read more

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