Thursday, March 1, 2012

Soft Penetration: A Great Way to Connect

Men (and women) have been programmed to believe that a man should have a rock-hard erection at all times during lovemaking, but Lawrence Lanoff says that soft penetration is a great way to deepen our connection.

A friend asked me about soft penetration with her lover, so I thought I would share a bit about this very misunderstood subject.

We live in a culture where a stiff cock means everything. However, thinking a stiff cock is all there is - and that something is wrong if it ain’t - is like trying to inhale all the time. You can’t. We need the inhale and the exhale.

It was through tantra I first noticed the sexual exhale that I call ‘soft penetration’. It was something that occurred naturally and often. That is to say, when I was completely immersed in the energy of the moment, my cock wasn’t always hard. I began referring to this as my lunar cock - the opposite of a solar cock. Instead of it being fully locked and loaded, it tended to be soft and receptive. Read more

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