Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Be a Sensual Lover

 One of the tenets of Tantric sex is that the process of lovemaking is just as or more important than the goal of orgasm. Michael Webb says that a boring lover thinks that sex is only about intercourse, but a great lover is a sensual lover.
Sex tips can help you perfect your technique, but how do you become a sweet, kind and giving lover? Sex tips aren’t going to tell you THIS!

What Does It Take To Be Great At Lovemaking?

A great lover’s heightened sensuality is his ace. He understands what the senses are for and rouses them with full abandon. He offers stimulus bombardment and makes a woman feel so alive. With him, she experiences excitement, exhilaration, romance, danger, passion, even cluelessness. With the sensual one, sex becomes something else entirely.

The boring dude, his antithesis, couldn’t even stir up emotions and he barely knows how to touch – he thinks sex is a penis and vagina affair. He’s so dull and mundane, being with him is like watching paint peel.

So take your pick – do you want to be sensual or boring? One type of guy gets laid much more than the other.

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