Friday, September 12, 2008

Orgasmic Urban Tantra for Men with Barbara Carrellas

At Expanded Lovemaking, Dr. Patti Taylor chats with Barbara Carrellas, author of the bestselling book, Urban Tantra, Sacred Sex for the Twenty First Century. Find out how Barbara defines Urban Tantra, and neo-Tantra. Learn about the all-important “resilient edge”, and how you can tell if you’re doing it right, at cocktail parties, and, on cats! Discover the art of “seeing energy." Then, learn how to give and receive the male erotic awakening massage. Find out why breath is the most important element of all. Is orgasm important? Find out just why it is, and isn’t. What are the goals of this type of pleasure? What types of strokes do you give a man’s cock, and body? How do you spread the energy to prevent ejaculation? What do you do with the breath to send yourself into an amazing mind-blowing experience? Listen

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