Saturday, August 24, 2013

What is Tantra? Books Behind the Ancient Sex Practice

To answer the question of what Tantra is, Daniel Lefferts recommends five books about Tantric sex.
There's a gift you can give your partner that'll blow both your minds, bring you closer as a couple, possibly give you glimpse of spiritual enlightenment and won't cost you a penny: That's according to authors of these guides to tantric sex, an ancient sexual discipline inspired by Buddhist philosophy.

Tantric sex comes in a variety of forms, but as a general rule it is a much longer, slower, more conscious and more spiritual version of your average do-the-deed encounter. Tantric sex involves aspects of meditation, yoga and mindfulness and often requires a great deal of restraint — all in the service of elevating sex to an exercise of the soul as well as the body. Read more

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