Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Kama Sutra's Guide to Great Kissing

The Kama Sutra covers kissing as thoroughly as it does sex positions. It even includes a kissing technique that is supposed to cause a woman to climax from kissing alone.
The Kama Sutra turns kissing into an art form.

It doesn’t just tell you how to kiss (in painstaking detail), it tells you where, when and what type of kiss to use if you want to do everything from wake your partner for morning sex (‘the kiss that kindles love’ involves planting one on them while they’re sleeping to show you’re in the mood for sex) to how to annoy the hell out of them (‘the kiss that turns away’ is what you do when you’re feeling needy and they’re not paying you enough attention).

Kissing is seen as a powerful tool to manipulate your lover and get your needs met. In Hindu and Tantric texts, the kiss is also considered A Big Deal because they believe mingling saliva harmonises the opposite energies of men and women. Read more

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