Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Awareness, Energy, and Consciousness in Tantra

Tantra teaches us to value and develop our awareness, to cultivate energy, and to link that energy to consciousness in order to become more aware.
Human existence is a dual state and we live in a dual universe: male and female, light and dark, day and night, positive and negative, pleasure and pain, life and death, and so on. It is the aim of yoga and tantra to unify our experience of duality so that we can also experience unity, the transcendent state beyond death.

Tantra describes the human being and the world as having two main poles of existence; consciousness and energy. The human being, the microcosm, has an individual consciousness and an individual life-force that fuels this existence. The world, the macrocosm, has the dual elements of cosmic consciousness and cosmic creative power. Consciousness is the passive pole of existence and creative power is the active pole of existence. Read more

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