Monday, September 15, 2008

Orgasmic Urban Tantra for Women with Barbara Carrellas

At Expanded Lovemaking, Dr. Patti Taylor chats with Barbara Carrellas, sex educator and author of the bestseller, Urban Tantra, about giving and receiving orgasmic awaking erotic massages to women. Find out how you can use breath to go into orgasmic states. Learn that you really can “fake it till you make it." Do Dr. Patti and Barbara use breath to enhance feeling by breathing? If so, is there more than one kind of breathing? What would these kinds of breaths sound like? Then, learn some of the kinds of strokes that you can give a woman on her labia, heart, abdomen, clitoris, and internally. Find out where Dr. Patti and Barbara have similar tastes in pleasuring! And, is a hard woman good to find, and if so, why? (Hint: use the word “engorgement” in your answer.) Is an electric vibrator a good thing, and if so, what is the optimal type, large or small? How might you use one? Where might you use one? The answers may surprise you. Listen

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