Tuesday, December 10, 2019

3 Basic Tantric Sex Techniques

Have you ever wondered what Tantric sex is all about? Although you may not be interested in converting to a Tantric lifestyle, you may be interesting in trying some Tantric sex techniques that will enable you to last longer and orgasm harder. With these techniques, you will be able to extend your lovemaking until you're both ready for climax. It's all in your control.


Deep and steady breathing is a fundamental Tantric sex techniques. Practice breathing in deep, steady breathsand carry this technique into the bedroom. Try sitting with your legs crossed in front of one another. Look into each other's eyes and take long deep breaths. Synchronize your breathing with your partner until your breathing becomes one.

PC Muscle Exercises.

PC muscle exercises help you learn to control your orgasms. These exercises work the pubococcygeus or PC muscle. To find this muscle, stop your urine midstream. Then release and continue urinating. Stop again and release. The muscle you used to stop urination is the PC muscle. Contract and hold the PC muscle for ten seconds and then relax. Work up to twenty repetitions. Once you have reached this number, increase the hold to twenty seconds, and then to thirty seconds..

Changing Sex Positions

Sex position changes are another basic Tantric sex technique. Many men change position already as a technique for prolonging sexual intercourse. The Tantric reason to change positions is to help release inhibition and allow lovemaking to be more creative.

These three basic Tantric sex techniques can help you last longer and have more sexual pleasure. They help control your body and mind in order to gain control over your sexual experiences. Tantric sex techniques will enable you to connect with your partner and learn to enjoy sex like never before.

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