Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Tantric Exercises to Increase General Well-Being and Sexual Abilities

Knut Holt presents a Tantric exercise routine that promotes a healthy anal and genital area, which is important to both general well-being and sexual abilities.
A healthy anal and genital area is of great importance both for the general well-being and for the sexual abilities. The same is true about a healthy respiratory tract and breathing apparatus. Here are presented three poses and three breathing exercises that have the following effects when done together in a series:
  • They stimulate the physiological functions of the genital and anal area.
  • They correct muscle weakness and anatomical problems of the anal and genital region.
  • They increase the sexual drive and abilities.
  • They produce a stimulating response that spreads upwards along the spine and revitalizes the whole body.
  • They stimulate the physiological functions of the respiratory tract and help against infections in the airways.
  • The exercises are very good to start each day with, or to do before going to bed in the night. Read more

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