Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tantra as Self Empowerment

Love intimacy coach Asttarte Deva explains why she calls Tantra self-empowering.
There are many sayings in times past on "reclaiming your power", or "Women Power", or finding empowerment through sports or martial arts. Few ever talk about, and even fewer know about the hidden secrets and power within Tantra. Tantra as empowerment is a way of reclaiming oneself, finding out who you are, learning tools to access who you are, and then practicing the Tantra techniques, exercises and practices. Tantra allows one a way of manifesting the life you want - the abundance you seek, the lower or beloved of your dreams, the harmonious and passionate relationship and love life you desire with the one you already have, the car or house of your dreams, and so on.

Tantra is empowering because it forces you to tap into your will and draw up energies within yourself to go beyond the uncomfortable until eventually it does become comfortable. Read more

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tinque said...

I appreciate your site,as I too am an advocate of tantra and not only sexually though this for me is vital to my existence.
I discovered tantra unknowingly three years ago when I was plunged into a deep abyss prompted by what was for me a traumatic event or discovery. Using various modalities to heal myself which when put all together it becomes tantra, I have now come through the other side. The tantric way of life is one of peace, bliss even, and deep connection with self and with others, most importantly for me, my beloved. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more. This world would be a much nicer, more loving place if more people would embrace tantra.
My journey is being chronicled at
There are also some good articles at somewhat related to this.
Thank you.