Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restore Your Sensuality through Simple Breathing

Tao Semko of reveals a simple breathing technique that will re-sensualize your whole body.
... So how do you burn up that stress hormone, relax your body, and enjoy life and sex again? Two ways... the first is to go along with your body's urge for fight or flight (ie physical exercise), so that your body releases endorphins that suppress the further release of stress hormones. This also can release testosterone, which increases sexual arousal in both sexes.

The second way, which allows both men and women to *enjoy* sex more, and have better orgasms, is by re-awakening the sensory nerves in the skin and muscles through special breathing, sensory awareness, and relaxation. Together, these three tell the body, "the danger is over, go back to your normal state."

The fastest way to hit this natural "reset button" is by changing your breathing. Any deep diaphragmic breathing will begin to relax you. Stressed breathing is rapid chest breathing. Slow down the breath and breath with your belly and lower back like a baby, and your half way there. Read more

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