Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inner Fire/Heat Yoga

Kundalini is etymologically linked to candalī, the Sanskrit term for tummo, or inner fire. Kundalini, therefore, is the energy that when accumulated and directed can become tummo.
Inner Fire Yoga, or Tum-mo, is the basic method used in the advanced stage of most tantra systems. When doing this practice, we will need to visualize our body in a certain way. This is called the "Vajra Body" and incorporating it into our self-image provides a useful way to work with our bodily energies. The structures visualized are not actually there when the body is autopsied. There are correlates with our physical bodies, yet that is only part of the picture. When we close our eyes and feel our bodies, it is hard to deny that different parts of the body have different energies and feelings. In any case, to do the practices, one needs to suspend disbelief and visualize the postulated structures and energies. After extended practice, the visualizations become internalized and become powerful tools for calming ourselves, connecting with the body and channeling energy. Read more

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