Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kundalini and Tantra

"Tantra and Kundalini" explains kundalini and why we should want to awaken it.


rajkumar.rr said...

I heared about this some time back, but here only I got more information. Thank you.

arvind said...


Nice video!!

the ultimate aim of any type of yoga is the "awakening of kundalini", which in other words also called as enlightenment or salvation etc.

I suggest you to visit following site for proper info about kundalini:

please visit and mail for further suggestions and questions!! :-)

Leu said...

Hi Arvind (and Jennifer), Cool imagery in the video! As you know, I am wildcrafting an approach called 'Tantra for Bobos!' that is much more 'open source' than anything I've seen to date. Of course the paradox is there has to be enough structure to successfully interface with human suffering, but not so much that it sticks together into yet another 'system.' Main thing is that we develop an eye for 'what works' and are less enthralled to an illuminated "Other" (me or any other teacher/guru/swami figure).
I invite you to drop by and add your many cents (sens). Thanks!


Leuleu said...

Hmm. Beware of anyone selling 'proper' information about Shakti. Proper would be short for 'proprietary' ... and Goddess, well, she's not too marketable, and shakes off patents like bad kisses.