Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Smaller Better When It Comes to G-Spot Orgasms?

Tinamarie Bernard maintains that smaller is better when it comes to giving women G-spot orgasms.
Tantra sexuality places sublime attention on your genitals, in a way and manner unfamiliar to many westerners. Need convincing? Just consider some of the euphemisms for the penis: Prick, mister stiffy, admiral winky, bald avenger, chicksicle, executive staff member, boner. Nothing inherently wrong with these … if you like to objectify your body (which is not synonymous with playing, touching, and loving your private parts, all totally natural and good activities to participate in).

And what do these have in common besides being invented in the Junior High locker room? They focus only on one state of a man’s body – penis erectus. More to the point, they are misleading. Turns out, smaller to average-sized penises do a better job of giving a woman a g-spot orgasm Read more

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