Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tantra Sexual Healing Techniques

When it comes to the best out of your sexuality, Tantra sexual healing techniques may be the answer. The flow of sexual energy can be unblocked by Tantric sexual healing massage, says Dr. Maulik Vyas.
Sexuality is just more than physical urge and that is where, the species home sapiens differ from others! Unfortunately, nowadays, dysfunction of sexual organs in humans is becoming common. All thanks to bad lifestyle and dietary habits. Nevertheless, there is a solution to get rid of anxiety and depression about performing various sexual activities. Tantric Healing Session is one of the most powerful tools to overcome anxiousness and nervousness in sex and bring divinity in sensuality.

Performing like a bull on the bed is never so easy as even a man who appears to be a macho may feel shy undressing himself against his sexual partner. There are lots of factors that come into consideration when it is all about feeling the peak during sexuality. Low self-esteem, fear of how to perform and perplexity in expression sexual love –all make lovemaking difficult. This, in turn, may impact badly on sexual relationship ending it permanently. Read more

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Anonymous said...

in yoga bramacharya is must compulsory.means without sex only tantra be performed if you enjoy the sex and practice yoga and tantra you are absoulutely Mad.
so read the 'divya prerna prakash' on the google or search these book on intrnet with google search box and read 5 time and do not enjoy sex and preserve or protect your sperm. because its must compulsory. For more information read 'Divya Prerna Prakash'book.