Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tantra Teachings: Interview with Renee Jeffus

Brent Crampton interviews Tantra teacher Renee Jeffus about her life path with Tantra.
While hubbies are scouring the city for red roses, dark chocolates and over-priced dining experiences this Valentine’s season, there’s one way to stay ahead of the curve and provoke an intimacy with your significant other deeper than what lays behind any red ribbon package. It’s called Tantra, and the Omaha Healing Arts Center hosts a night of instructional Tantric dance this Saturday.

Before you write off this article, many misconceptions persist about the ancient practice of Tantra, according to Renee Jeffus, who’ll teach the class. Jeffus is a world-traveling, Bellevue-born instructor and organizer of the event.

After a recent trip to Jamaica where she taught private Tantra classes, The Reader caught up with Jeffus while she lunched in NYC, and asked her to set the record straight on Tantra. In the process of the phone interview, she revealed the dark and rocky road that led her to become a holy woman of sensuality. Read more

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