Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tantric Anal Sex: Anal Sex the Tantric Way

Although anal sex has been been a part of human sexuality since ancient times, couples exploring Tantric sex are not likely to find much information about anal sex and might conclude, therefore, that anal sex isn't Tantric. However, that isn't true. In fact, anal sex fits well within the Tantric tradition and facilitates several goals of Tantric sex
For example, one of the key aspects of Tantra has been violating personal and cultural taboos. Though about one-third of heterosexual couples have tried anal sex, it is still a bit taboo. Tantric anal sex extends a couple's sexual boundaries.

Tantric anal sex also fits in with the concept of complete union between partners. By having anal sex, a woman surrenders herself totally to her partner, allowing him access to all parts of her body.

Tantric anal sex can also facilitate kundalini arousal. Between the rectal wall and the tip of the tailbone, or coccyx, exists an irregular, oval-shaped gland called the "coccygeal body," which Tantra considers the "Kundalini gland." Anal sex can activate the gland by dilating the anal sphincters, causing a reflex effect upon the two branches of the autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic (Ida) and the sympathetic (Pingala), which terminate in the anus and rectum. In addition to altering the state of the involuntary nervous system, anal intercourse results in the ejaculation of semen into the rectum, which, according to traditional belief, nourishes the Kundalini gland much the same way as the white of an egg nourishes the fertilized yolk.

In addition, deep anal penetration of the woman by the man results in the head of the lingam (penis) passing through the very center of the woman’s sacral (sex) chakra. This point in the female rectum is also a sensitive orgasm point, much like the deep spot within the vagina. Stimulate this point enough and the center of the woman’s sacral chakra will connect with a minor, but potent, energetic center within the tip of the man’s lingam. This can result in the woman experiencing a very powerful, intense type of orgasm as yang energy ignites within her sacral chakra, causing it to rush up to her crown, filling her central channel with yang energy and blasting open all the chakras located upon it on the way. This key point is quite a way up inside the woman, so the man needs a large lingam in order to reach it.

Tantric sex does not have to include anal sex, of course, but, if it does, it can be a potent practice for achieving Tantric goals. You can expand your sexual boundaries, achieve a more intimate union with your partner, arouse kundalini, and experience intense, powerful orgasms.

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Anonymous said...

this is an interesting post on tantric anal sex for men penetrating women but I wonder if there is more thoughts on women penetrating men in a tantra way?

Jennifer Lawless said...

See my post Healing Your Man with Tantric Male G-Spot Massage.

Nico said...

Dear Jennifer,
I have been reading bits and pieces from your blog for a while, and I thought you might be interested in the following story about using Tantra to assist conception.

No empirical scientific data is offered and its all hearsay, but very thought provoking nevertheless.

Many years ago, I was in a relationship with a Sri Lankan lady by the name of Latika. She was very knowledgeable about Hindu and Buddhist Tantric practices, although she had been raised as a Christian. Regardless of her Christian faith, she had a very keen interest in Celtic and Scandinavian Magick and also Hebrew Mysticism. She was actually undertaking study in the area of Comparative Theology at a post-graduate level, so she was definitely not a “quack”.

A couple of years ago, we ran into each other and caught up with the news on old friends and colleagues. I mentioned a mutual friend who had been having trouble starting a family, and had been going through the rigours (mental, physical and spiritual) of multiple rounds of IVF treatment.

She asked for his details as she said she could help, and I can happily report that after many years of unsuccessful IVF, the couple were pregnant within four months.

So what happened? Luckily Latika knew both Rob and his wife Louise extremely well, even though she had not been in contact for ages. That meant that she could speak openly and frankly with them about what she wanted them to try. Which was certainly an unusual approach…

The short version of the story is that Latika wanted them to introduce Tantric practices into their lovemaking. She wanted their lovemaking to be focused on creating their own spiritual union, without the pressure of having to create a child. This involved more lovemaking, rather than less as seemed to be happening during the IVF cycles.

Then Latika wanted to know whether Louise found Rob’s semen “itchy”. Louise said it was very itchy, so Latika concluded that Lou was slightly allergic to Rob which was going to be a barrier to conception. She said that Lou had to be immunized so that she could properly accept Rob’s sperm.

She asked if anal intercourse was part of their sex-life, and they admitted that while they did it occasionally, but it wasn’t a regular part. She asked if they would consider having anal intercourse every day for three weeks. Then a two day break before Lou’s peak fertility and then vaginal intercourse for four days before starting the cycle all over again.

Apparently, the reason for engaging in the anal intercourse was to “immunize” Lou to the allergens in Rob’s semen. When the male ejaculates in the female’s vagina, its very efficient at self-cleaning, especially if he makes her feel itchy. By ejaculating in his partner’s rectum, the semen is retained, and the highly absorptive wall or lining allows the allergens to be absorbed sufficiently to desensitize the allergic reaction. By doing this every day, the female can be desensitized within a couple of months. Which then makes her body more receptive when the fresh, sperm-rich semen is drawn in to her vagina on the “conception days”.

So the recipe was lots of Tantric slow lovemaking to attune their minds to each other, and to allow their bodies to relax with each other. Then tantric anal intercourse to remove the allergy problem. Then passionate tantric sex at the ideal time for conception.

I know it sounds like so much poppy-cock, but in this case, the proof is the successful conception, carriage and birth of a beautiful baby-girl who was conceived within four months of her parents abandoning hope with the end of their last IVF treatment.

Not sure whether any of the Assisted-fertility Clinics would ever push this method, but it seemed worth sharing with a few enlightened souls.

Regards, Nic

Jennifer Lawless said...

Interesting story.

Anonymous said...

Giving my man anal sex by penetrating him with my fingers allows for more trust and intimacy. He is so vulnerable and that is a special intimacy. He waits for more pleasure from me. I feel him open to me and we belong to eavh other in a special way.

Anonymous said...

While many couples have oral,sex and vaginal penetration, I find the intimacy and vulnerability of good anal sex increases the trust and love between me and my guy.The moment he opens to me is highly arousing and personal and private-- not like anything else.

Anonymous said...

As a man who feels very inclined to having anal sex in a woman,this article fills me with great desire and optimism. It isn't that I would prefer to do it more often than vaginal, it is simply a strong desire that I can't ignore. A woman who gladly receives me in this way does me a great loving act of not only accepting me as I am in it, but who also experiences fulfillment and enjoyment in it certainly is greatly desirable and honourable.