Monday, August 18, 2008

5 Steps to the Ultimate Sex Connection

Tantric sex can be an intensely magical - and pleasurable - experience. Allison Winn Scott at Redbook magazine explains how to make the ultimate sex connection.
If you're looking to add a little heat and a lot of intimacy to your sex life — and who isn't? — the ancient practice of Tantric sex might be the answer. "Some people think that Tantric sex is a cult or that it's about making love for hours on end," says Al Link, coauthor of Soul Sex: Tantra for Two. "But it's actually a simple and accessible way for people to raise their lovemaking energy, make a spiritual connection with their partner and break down boundaries." Plus, it can give you truly incredible orgasms. What's not to like? Here, our step-by-step guide. Read more

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