Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Men, Tantra, and Sexual Healing

The first step men need to take to reclaim their sexual power, says Maryse Coté, is to recognize that they need sexual healing. (My post Healing Your Man with Tantric Male G-Spot Massage deals with one aspect of this topic.)
... My purpose here is to explore the many ways how men have also been wounded- such as the lack of sexual initiation, circumcision or social factors- and to suggest some initial steps men can take to begin healing.

I have worked privately with over a thousand men as an instructor of basic Tantric and Taoist practices and as a sexual healer over the last ten years. I have loved many men in my life, including six younger brothers. However, I must admit that it is with a limited confidence that I approach the subject of male sexual woundings because I am not in a man's body. I can't access the same cellular memory as when I talk about women. Nevertheless, I have seen, felt and heard men's woundings and the unnecessary suffering that results from having a penis.

Attempting to understand how a man experiences himself as a sexual being requires that we take a closer look at how we've all been wounded. Read more

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