Thursday, November 12, 2009

Experience Yoga Nidra Meditation

To experience Yoga Nidra Meditation is to sleep like a yogi or yogini.It's a deep meditation bringing about calmness, peace, and clarity. It eliminates the root cause of stress, disease, and a lack of vitality and energy. Yoga Nidra is also known as psychic sleep and dynamic sleep. Yoga Training You explains Yoga Nidra and gives a free online script that you can record.
To best experience Yoga Nidra Meditation techniques...
  • two or three hours after a meal
  • use semi-darkness with the room temperature at your comfort level
  • blanket to keep you warm
  • may place pillows under the head and knee's
It's easy! Experience Nidra Meditations by recording the following step-by-step instructions. Turn on your recorder, and read aloud the following online script. Read more

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khonmanrak said...

Yoga Nidra therapy is a powerful healing tool and is ubiquitous in yoga therapy. This is because it is an ultimate method of inducing profound relaxation and deep rest.
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