Monday, June 18, 2007

How to Have an Energy Orgasm

Annie Sprinkle explains how to have an energy orgasm, but why bother to learn the practice?
Energy orgasms will clear the body of repressed emotions, old hurts, and blocks. They put a bounce in your step. Energy orgasms help pre-orgasmic women to become genitally orgasmic and help genitally orgasmic women to become much more multi-orgasmic ("megagasmic"), plus they make partner sex more ecstatic and fulfilling. It's safe sex, a good substitute for harmful addictions, and a great party trick! Energy orgasms can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of the forces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond the body/mind, reminding you who you are beyond your everyday

As Annie says, the energy orgasm technique is based on the Fire Breath Orgasm, taught by Harley Swiftdeer of the Deer Tribe. I personally take with a grain of salt Harley Swiftdeers's claim that the Cherokees would do fire breath orgasm in their ceremonies and that it was an important part of sex education and healing, but it doesn't really matter since the technique works.


Anonymous said...

Not only is it helpful to heterosexual men and women and couples, but obviously also to gay men and their partners. It is enlivening and can be used with men who feel pelvic numbness and want to be able to live sexually alive, fully embodied lives.

Yasmin said...

In my 4 year practice as a NeoTantric practitioner, I have found that energy orgasms can take a person too high igniting an intensity that not may can handle. This practice should be done with awareness and conscious preparation.

The intensity of an energy orgasm can have the equal an opposite roller coaster down effect. The hangover can be profound enough for a person to feel manic depressant.

Preparation and awareness and balancing and grounding are essential. The fire breath is literally 'playing with fire'. Oxygen fans a fire and intensifies it.

I have found greater and more profound results with Karezza style massage and orgasms. Clients have felt teh difference and gain more from low intensity relaxation/meditation states of sexual energy bliss that they can then remain energised and inspired for weeks afterwards. The down cycle of an 'energy orgasm' as described in your blog is a sharp high and corresponding sharp and almost immediate low.