Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Special Techniques of Penis Enlargement

How can you use your mind to increase the size of your penis? Well, believe it or not there is a way. All you need for this very simple technique of penis enlargement is a very firm and strong mental power. To continue we bring you more guidance on how to control the sexual energy and achieve a state of perfect continence with variety of different control techniques for men. Listen to the podcast.


Grim said...

Sounds suggestively. But I think that all you need to increase your penis size it to take a good drug like Extagen and to do exercises. I have enlarged mine on more then an inch.

James Taylor said...

The post is too good.
That without confidence nothing is possible. So by taking itself in confidence the penis enlargement solutions helps to get the desired result with in a specific duration.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting but virtually unrealistic. And shouldn't Tantra, being somewhat related to Kama Sutra, be about using what you have available with confidence, and not altering yourself to gain confidence?