Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tantra & Kama Sutra Sex Positions - "Shallow-Deep Thrusting Technique"

Al Link and Pala Copeland share a Taoist lovemaking technique that brings great pleasure to a woman and helps a man to last.
In this technique you combine a series of nine fairly quick shallow thrusts with one slow deep one. The shallow thrusts stimulate your partner's most sensitive vaginal tissues and at the same time create a vacuum effect that makes her ache for the deep thrust to come. And because most of your thrusts are shallow ones, exciting only the first few inches of your penis, you're able to rock on for much longer!

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Anonymous said...

the penis (lingam) entry is emotionally significant and beautiful when it is prolonged.

once the partner feels prepared with foreplay, massage and intimate words, she should adopt her preferred position for entry.

my technique is to stroke her vulva very gently with the tip of my penis. precum may provide some lubrication but it can also make the skin sticky until it dries in a few seconds. no touching with the hands is used.

the penis is used to stroke her external labia and clitoris, then used to gently nudge the general location of her internal labia and vagina. as she becomes more aroused her internal labia will open, like a flower, and this spot is nudged or stroked very gently, pressing and releasing contact.

after a short interval the women's secretions will express to the surface, and a soft slurping or smacking sound will be audible to both partners, signifying the woman's complete readiness for intercourse. her fluids can be spread by the tip of the penis over her clitoris and labia, and the penis used to stimulate her further. again, the man should not use his hands to steady or direct his penis; either parther can change position as appropriate, and the woman may grasp the penis between her index and middle finger to target the pressure, but she should not stroke or clasp it.

when the man is ready he inserts his penis only up to the base of the tip, then withdraws it, and repeats slowly. this draws more fluid onto the vulva and also strongly stimulates the woman's vaginal entry, which is often clasping and highly sensitive and very stimulating to both the woman and the man. if overstimulated, the man should return to masturbating the clitoris or simply nudging the vagina entry.

finally the man should obtain full insertion through a series of increasingly deep thrusts, fully lubricating the penis shaft. from this point, and really from the beginning, partners can improvise according to mood.

the blog quote above is fine as far as it goes, but is too specific about size ("a few inches") and frequency ("nine times"). the approach i describe is effective with a penis of any size, and accents girth over length.

a few of my partners say this is their favorite part of our union.