Friday, November 23, 2007

G-Spot Massage for Yoni Healing

The G-spot is an area located on the front wall of the Yoni (Sanskrit for vagina) about 2 inches in and beneath the pubic bone. The G-spot stores a woman's sexual, creative energy, but it also stores any sexual or emotional pain. Often, G-spot massage is referred to as Yoni healing because it stimulates and applies pressure to the Yoni in order to remove any blocks to sexual pleasure, such as feelings of numbness or pain, and replace them with pleasurable, erotic sensations.

Make the space where you'll be doing the G-spot massage warm, inviting, and special, a place your partner will feel welcome and comfortable. Ask her to undress and lie face down. Begin giving her a full body massage. After about 10 minutes, ask her to turn over, and then continue the massage. When she seems very relaxed, ask her if it is all right to massage her more intimately. If she is ready, begin to gently massage her genital area, including the inner and outer lips of her Yoni and her pubic mound.

When your partner is nicely aroused, tell her you are going to put your fingers inside her. Insert your first two fingers into her Yoni and move them in even circles all around the vagina with your fingers "in" as far as is comfortable for her. It usually feels best if you keep consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the fingers against the vaginal walls. Pressing the palm of your other hand gently on her pubic mound can be very grounding for her.

Picture the G-spot as a clock and spend some time at each position of the clock, seeing which points feel pleasurable and which points are numb or painful or trigger an emotional response. If you hit a "hot" spot, press gently and hold. If anger, sadness, laughter, or other emotions come up, ask your partner to describe any images or feelings that she is experiencing. Allow the energy raised to discharge and dissipate. This release of those stored emotions is healing and makes her sexual, creative energy more available to her.

As you continue on with the G-spot massage, focus on giving her greater pleasure rather than concentrating only on the numb or painful places. Doing a gentle press-and-release massage is another way to stimulate the G-spot. Hook your fingers and pull the G-spot upward against the pubic bone, and then rhythmically press and release the spot. You can also explore other areas deeper into the vagina, including the area around the cervix and the cervix itself. When you are finished with the G-spot massage, tell your partner that you are going to withdraw your fingers. As you do, cover the mound of her vagina with your hand, sealing the end of the Yoni healing process.

It is important not to have any expectations about what may happen during a G-spot massage. As with any healing work, results may not be immediately apparent. It may take a few sessions before much emotion comes up, but, in the meantime, you will be getting familiar with your partner’s Yoni and creating greater comfort, communication, and connection between you.

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