Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Ultimate Sex Position?

The "butterfly" may be the ultimate sexual position. The butterfly sex position is easy for both the man and the woman to do, and it's very pleasurable for both. Finally, because it's a face-to-face position, the butterfly provides intimacy between lovers. This position is called the butterfly because when the woman's legs are wide apart and the man is thrusting, her legs simulate the movements of the wings of a butterfly.

To perform the butterfly position, find a place - the edge of a bed (or couch, counter, desk, or just about anything with the room) -where you pelvis is about one foot lower than his. You may want to place a pillow under your hips. Lie back while your man stands in front of you. (He may be able to kneel if the bed is very low.) Then lift your legs and rest your feet at his mid-section or on his shoulders.

Next, tilt your pelvis upward so that your back forms a straight line angling up toward him, and your vagina lines up with his penis. Put his hands just under your hips so he can hold them at the perfect angle while he thrusts. When you are at the right height, just your upper back and head will still be resting on the bed. The pelvic tilt gives his penis better access to your G-spot and creates more friction for both of you.
This position offers the man a great deal of freedom of movement, so he can easily vary his thrusting pattern and depth. He might start by doing 3-4 shallow thrusts, followed by one deep full thrust, and work his way towards many deep thrusts followed by 1-2 shallow ones.

Why is this position so good? Because of the angle of the man's penis and the woman's body, the man is able to stimulate the woman's G-spot with his penis as he thrusts. Some women say that G-spot orgasms last longer and can be made up of more and longer contractions than other types of orgasm. The butterfly position can also be intensely romantic. When done very slowly, it's almost dreamlike.

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-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Sweetheart, lissen to the sounds of U.S. grow'n older on this whorizontal-playing-field; then, lissen to the vertical, Land of Opportunity where even the universe can know no bounds to our joyfull pleasure; feeeeel the warmth and passion surrounding us as I serve you alone for eons and eons in Heaven. Wanna do that, miss gorgeous girl? Wanna lemme? I'd looove to please you in Heaven and, Upstairs for eternity, I'll have nuthin to hold me down, nuthin to hold me back. Neither will you. See 'sexponential' and/or 'closenmyeyes' for more info --- blessed holy socks.

Jessi Waldron said...

Tantric sex is wonderful..except with my hubby. His final release tends to be...well.. overwhelming. Love the concept and orgasm denial can be a wonderful technique in lovemaking.

Anonymous said...

I. Would sure like to try this,if the oppertunity arose