Friday, January 25, 2008

What Is the Perfect Lingam Size for Your Yoni?

The question, "Does size matter?" is endlessly debated and is a source of anxiety for many men, but the truth is that the only size that matters is his size and your size. Tantra teacher Janet Kira Lessin discusses the issues of penis size and shape, including how to compensate for "mismatched" Lingams and Yonis.
What about size? Obviously, a man with a nine inch lingam will cause great problems for a woman with a shallow yoni. But that same God would be ideal for a Goddess with a nine inch yoni. If the man has a lingam shorter than his beloved's yoni, he will not be able to penetrate all the way into her, reach her sacred sector and totally satisfy her during intercourse. That same man will completely satisfy a woman with a shallow yoni. So when we look at the issue closely, it’s not the size that matters. What is important is the compatibility of the lingam and the yoni.

Problems arise (har har) when women with shorter yoni’s make love with men with longer lingams. Men, in the heat of passion, especially when they orgasm, tend to get excited and penetrate as far as they can (ouch). If lovers are not careful, the lingam head can penetrate all the way through the tight ring of the cervical opening and enter the uterus creating disaster for the woman. While it may feel awesome for the man, it can cause infection and disease for his lady. So what to do? Read more

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