Friday, February 8, 2008

Does Tantric Sex Have Real Value?

A reader of Penthouse magazine blog asks the following question:
Is tantric sex a bunch of New Age crap or does it have real value? I’ve been with the same girl for a few years and the sex is becoming stale. Recently, she suggested attending a tantric sex workshop together, but I want to know if it’s just another clever extortion of money or if it could put some spark back in our sack.
Here is the somewhat surprising (considering the source) answer to this elegantly put question:
Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that purports to mix meditation and nonorgasmic sex to attain a state of perfect bliss. Tantric skills include different ways of controlling climax to enhance sexual energy and mutual bonding. Practitioners claim that tantric sex can not only significantly improve your physical health, but it can also help create a feeling of inner peace and harmony. Read more
When did Penthouse turn spiritual?

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