Monday, March 3, 2008

What Is White Tantra?

Tantra is generally divided into two main streams: Red Tantra and White Tantra. Red Tantra or Tantra of the Left Hand (Vama Marga) involves the use of practices that were considered taboo, such as the ritual of sexual union (maithuna), as a means of attaining liberation. Red Tantra uses sexual union as means for going beyond into transcendent states of consciousness.

White Tantra or Tantra of the Right Hand (Dakshina Marga) involves the meditative techniques of Tantra and is essentially a celibate, ascetic path.
White Tantra is a timeless synthesis of two ideals: union with the Divine and perfect health of mind and body. The genius of the ancient Indian mystics has left us a rich legacy of knowledge, based upon the power of sound, which puts man’s quest for enlightenment and for health, happiness and prosperity in perfect balance. This secret knowledge, passed down in an ancient oral tradition for thousands of years, is an authentic spiritual art perfectly preserved for today�s world.


There are no authentic books or scriptures on White Tantra available anywhere. In ancient times Tantric seers kept this science highly secret. Their secrecy was not simply to prevent people from learning Tantric techniques so that they could maintain a monopoly on the knowledge, but also to protect innocent people from the volatile potential of powers that could be unleashed through incorrect practice. Read more

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wasco said...

what is white tantra?

it is a form of devine sublimation of spritual energy obtained from meditation of female devine goddess,clearly a aspect originated from sri vidya an ancient tantra tradition (daksheenmargee tantra) which was more developed by adi shankaracharya in india books references might give some idea beause it is totally described in oral tradition by guru to his followers no written text strictly agama shashtra and transformed through shaktipaat to the kind fellow of tantra tradition .no vammargee rituals are performed during white tantra practices as described by occultist punitanand saraswati in his lecture. books refered , rudrayamal tantra,brihadyamal tantra, dattatraya tantra. Chanting Om is the first step towards meditation. All that you need to do is to hide at a peaceful place, sit down on the floor, gently close your eyes, take a deep breath and chant Om. While doing so, completely relax your muscles. Don’t tighten your muscles; otherwise you won’t be able to feel the energizing effect of chanting Om. Meditation on Om will revitalize your energy and rejuvenate you completely. To know more about Om meditation, read on.

For Aum meditation, it is of utmost importance to retire at a tranquil place, otherwise your concentration will get adversely affected. Try not to let your mind wander and think about other worldly things. Repeat Om several times in a day and try to associate it with the feeling of eternity. Don’t just speak out Om, but also think about its meaning in your heart and then see the magical effects.

When you recite Om, just don’t do it for the sake of it. Instead, make a sincere effort to accomplish the purpose of performing it. If you succeed in doing so, there will be amazing feeling in your heart. There is no fixed time of meditating on Om. You can do it as many times as you wish. When your mind is totally able to concentrate, it is at that point of time that you are in a position to realize the power of divinity.

Tantra is the spiritual practice and study of the life force energy as it is perceived and expressed through the human body. The concepts of Tantra are actually very easy to understand, the fact that many find it very difficult to define it is an artifact of our social programming and conditioning.

In the practice and study of Tantra the life energies are acknowledged to a great extent. While our culture has externalized these energies and called them “God”, Tantra teaches that the source of these energies are within us and we express them in our behavior, language, creativity, thought, even appearance.

swamiji tells that In Tantric practice the life energies are acknowledged as they are expressed from their source within the individual and through the energy channels (often called Chakras). These channels are the paths through which the energy expresses spirituality and intelligence, intuition and insight, communication, love, will, sexuality, and self esteem.

These channels are universally experiential .