Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to Open the Sushumna Central Channel

Opening the central channel is one of the goals of Tantric practice. This post from Meditation Expert explains the process.
Today I want to explain a little about opening up the central channel, called the "zhong mai" in Chinese and "sushumna" in India yoga, and introduce to you a tantra for achieving it. Indian yoga tantric practice and Tibetan Buddhism both emphasize opening up this channel because without it you cannot get samadhi. Actually, it's relatively easy to open up the central channel, but hard to open up the heart chakra. You can get samadhi and cultivate the samadhi and dhyana without opening up the heart chakra but to really get the Tao and what is termed "enlightenment," you need to open up the heart chakra. Otherwise you cannot see the Tao but are just a samadhi cultivator. So let's discuss that process. Read more

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